I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you... Hunters clean up after illegal immigrants

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Hunters clean up after illegal immigrants
03.04.07 (3:54 pm)   [edit]

They call themselves "hunters who care."

Their goal is to rid the desert of the trash left behind by illegal immigrants.

Saturday, they fanned out across  the Amado area to make a difference.

"It was like a big surprise. I thought it would be clean and no trash. Just of bunch of trees and stuff," said Matt Aragon. 

Matt spots more than just wildlife when he goes hunting.

"...a bunch of trash and it's causing damage to the environment."

Most of the garbage was left behind by illegal immigrants.

It's a sight Mother Nature wouldn't be proud of. That's why Matt and other hunters are bagging up the mess.

"You come outside to be outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and it's hard to do that when you come out, as there's trash all over the place."

Backpacks, water bottles, clothing.... Volunteers have their work cut out for them. They're picking up bags of trash.

"We'll find thousands of backpacks, thousands of water bottles, toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothes, along the trip."

In just a few hours, piles of garbage bags filled a dumpster.

"It feels really good. That way, there's not a lot of trash everywhere and it's nice and clean."

"We can probably never get it all cleaned up, but we want to try."     

 A good effort in a never-ending challenge to keep our desert clean.

KVOA Tuscon 


posted by: LadyG (reply)
post date: 03.04.07 (6:13 pm)

I never thought about all the trash. It's a good thing that they are doing.

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.05.07 (1:25 pm)

Ya know it's funny, the only people I've heard say that liberals wanted Cheney to die are wack-job conservatives. Did I miss something? I don't know of anyone having said that or thought it, and if someone did, I assure you they don't speak for anyone I know.

Hell, I don't want anyone else to to die over this idiocy, ESPECIALLY not someone like him. Hell, if he died over there, you guys would start calling for the nukes big-time.

-Though it doesn't surpirise me you guys claim it's so. Wacky.

posted by: thoolou (reply)
post date: 03.05.07 (1:36 pm)

Reply to: surrogate

Wow. Where did THAT come from?

Sure you're on the right post?

posted by: evilmammoth (reply)
post date: 03.05.07 (1:45 pm)

There's a caricature of Bill Mahrer at the top of your blog. I think that's what he's referring to.

Glad someone's joining the cleanup effort. Of course, that doesn't change my bleeding heart sympathies for the immigrants.

Thanks again for reading, thoolou, and for submitting me to StumbleUpon. I had forgotten one could do that.

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.05.07 (1:45 pm)

Reply to: thoolou

I read the comic at the top of the blog... sorry I guess it didn't have anything to do with the post (which was interesting by the way.) Duh. I'm not too bright sometimes - hence my politcal leanings.

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.05.07 (4:13 pm)

Reply to: evilmammoth

Oh. So Bill made a joke and they ran with it? Figures...

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